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Catie Chase

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I’m a certified independent educational consultant, learning specialist, and student life coach. I’m here to help you and your students towards educational success.


Catie Chase
My Life’s Journey

Meet Catie

For over 20 years, my passion has been to be a purpose-driven educator. I have enjoyed working with teens and partnering with parents as an independent educational consultant, learning specialist, and emerging adult life coach. No two students are alike. This is where we will start our educational journey together through a nurturing and productive student-centered environment.

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Let’s Achieve Your Goals Together

Consulting Programs

My passion is to work with college-bound students and emerging adults to reach their best academic and personal potential so they can achieve their goals and dreams. This begins with tailored programs focused on the student and their needs. My expertise is working with neurodivergent intersecting identities, high-achieving, and twice-exceptional gifted students.

The Road to College is Your Journey!

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Coaching Programs

Emerging into adulthood (16+), young neurodivergent (cognitive differences in sociability, learning, attention, mood, and giftedness) adults experience a dynamic time in their life. Young adults face new obstacles today when planning to achieve their goals.

Life Coaching, coupled with sensitivity to one’s learning profile and executive functioning (EF), enhances your understanding and support toward creating your life and fulfilling your personal and professional dreams.

Consulting with Catie Chase

Are You Ready to Thrive?

We can have a 20-minute chat and explore your college-bound student’s goals, navigate the scary world of college admissions, or simply discuss your educational aspirations. It’s completely non-committal and a good chance to see if I can help you and your family.

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