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Soul Support for Teens and Families

Accepting that each person has their own story and experiences that are traumatic to our inter-core, our souls, whether identified or unknown to us, may play a role in most of our lives at one time or another— even as children and teens. As an educator today, this is critical to understand, and fulfilling various needs of the student and family as we discuss health and wellness.  When consulting for college or coaching, the fundamentals of health and wellness are the same. It is the foundation of one’s toolbox, and without support and attention to the soul, mind, and gut,...
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Clinical Conversations

This summer, I participated in a webinar hosted by Unyte Health called Clinical Conversations: Exploring Polyvagal Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) with Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Tina Bryson. In this session, Dr. Porges, author of Polyvagal Theory and creator of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), was in conversation with Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, NY Times Bestselling Author, clinician, SSP Provider, and mom to three boys. Over the years as an educator, I have learned the importance of our behaviors honoring our nervous system. I became a Student Life Coach, focusing on the study...
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Coaching Life Skills

The parent of a 17 year old, was worried about their teen's money habits, lack of DMV permit, not doing their own laundry, and needing to learn how to cook meals instead of using DoorDash.  Over Zoom, the parent was clear in her concerns about the next steps of college readiness, “I need her to learn how to be efficient with time, goals, and life skills before she goes to college next year. I think you’re perfect for coaching her so that she can access life skills to reach her educational goals.” As families of rising seniors are having conversations...
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Senior Summer College Writing Workshop

A text from a senior in a summer college writing workshop at 11:30 am on a Thursday in June…  "I am in my writing workshop for school and having a tough time taking off on an essay topic. It was easier to talk to you.  I have been working on it for the last few days now. Ugh." Hang in there! Each June or August, a senior will text me for reassurance or in a panic that the writing for a college summer workshop or program is not going as they had expected. Yet, this is a beautiful opportunity to...
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Inspiring New Beginnings: A Decade of Graduations and Neurodiverse Achievements

I have savored the time to hear the inspiring graduation speeches for reflection, purpose, and a moment of gratitude to celebrate these milestones from many different student experiences.  Graduation ceremonies this year were extra extraordinary. I celebrated my 10th and final year as a school learning specialist and cheered clients at their graduations and parties, a hallmark of their accomplishments and reflection for gratitude. Lastly, my household was marked by two graduations, 8th-grade Recognition, and 5th-grade Commencement ceremonies. The parents, blended families, and friends come to celebrate the growth of each child; a sense of personal and academic completion with...
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Summer Life Skills for College-bound Students

Over a Zoom session with a college-bound senior looking fresh into summer, they were in disbelief at how quickly, with tutoring, camp, and work, summer would pass them by. As they filled in the Google Calendar to work on scheduling and planning, they realized that their senior year and last summer in high school were going to look a lot different than the nostalgic summer breaks they once had.  Before heading off with their family for a summer vacation, it was clear that summer was seemingly shorter and had more responsibilities than open-ended days of bliss. July camps, events, and...
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Supporting Neurodiverse Students Navigating School Life Together

Seniors celebrate over the next few weeks as graduation is in the air, from awards, to speeches, the prom and ending with graduation; Another May has arrived. This is a celebratory time for the student experience and us parents. Our journey is a hallmark of witnessing our children grow from childhood into emerging adulthood. Chapters end and new ones brightly begin for college-bound enrolled, seniors from Disneyland to Magic Mountain, a beach day, or the park; from friends' homes to family pot-lucks, the events continue. To celebrate that we accomplished this together is why I love this time of the...
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Collaboration for Student EF Skills

In my early career as a school educator, I would always welcome visitors from the greater Los Angeles community, as I was eager to connect and collaborate with professionals to hear about their shared experiences, exchange knowledge, and be inspired as we connected over our experiences. I knew that I could only do my best work in supporting students with continued professional development and, more than that, really diving into learning from educational stakeholders and parent partnerships.  With the post-pandemic recovery in Los Angeles, it has been a slow road back to anything but finding normalcy again in school. Yet,...
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Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week, I can smell the sugar glaze donuts down the hall in the faculty lounge from thoughtful parents. Yet, for me as a parent of two and educator, it is a time to pause and give gratitude to all of the ‘teachers’ as Albert Einstein shared “ is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”    We acknowledge teachers during this appreciation week to recognize all forms of teachers and caring adults who play a role in the lives of others - similarly to Mother’s Day this weekend....
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Student Life Coach – for Parents

In the last few years, as I approached a new decade, I realized that I was searching for more meaning in my career; as an educator. In recent years, I have supported students and their families to the best of my ability, surpassing the school learning specialist or consultant role. One day in 2021, I introduced myself as an “educational first responder,” which led me to the Coaching profession.    As a Life Guard for the City of Santa Barbara, I was a real first responder at 18. As an adult attempting to teach over Zoom during the lockdown, I...
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