Calabasas Style Magazine September/October Issue

Catie Chase is a purpose-driven educator supporting each student’s journey. Her compassion and guidance or rooted in empathy and are solution focused for student-centered success. Catie is committed to empowering all teens and emerging adults. For 20 years, she’s specialized in helping neurodiverse learners (individuals who think and learn differently). Catie’s commitment to school and college readiness, admissions, and career and professional development is an asset to the successful outcomes of her clients. A certified professional coach, Catie supports students by giving them tools and practice skills to help them create desired outcomes. She is writing her first book, a self-support guide titled “Understanding Me: A Modem Girl’s Guide to Managing Her Neurodiversity with Grit & Grace,” where she shares strength-building strategies for neurodivergent intersecting identities and high-achieving and twice-exceptional gifted students navigating their road to success.

You can read the original article in the Calabasas Style Magazine September/October 2023 Issue on pages 120-121.


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