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Catie Chase

“Life Coaching is a call to action to support an individual’s journey and empower neurodivergent thinkers, dreamers, and doers to launch into adulthood.”


Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Life?

For over two decades my areas of study, expertise, experience and passion has pin pointed me to specialize in mentoring students with neurodiverse profiles to help them reach their best potential. This includes highly sensitive, unique and gifted individuals, those with learning differences, special medical or health circumstances, or situations with non-traditional paths, or educational backgrounds. My emphasis is to ensure that the social-emotional well-being for each of these students is cared for.

Young neurodivergent students (cognitive differences in socialbility, learning, attention, mood, and giftedness) along with those emerging into adulthood (16+) experience a dynamic time in their lives while also facing new obstacles each day when planning to achieve their educational goals.

Life Coaching coupled with sensitivity and expertise to one’s learning profile and executive functioning truly enhances understanding and support toward creating a life that’s fulfilling personal and professional dreams. This is where I can help.

Coaching is…

  • Coaching is a process consisting of clarifying your intentions, designing goals, and taking authentic action within a safe, supportive relationship.
  • Coaching is to build your toolbox to practice skills that will create results to live your best life.
  • Creating a space where you get access to your own wisdom and answers for your life.
  • Empowering you with tools and skills to observe and move beyond your stopping points.
  • Supporting you to show up in a way you are proud of when you encounter life’s inevitable challenges.

Coaching is not…

  • Psychotherapy
  • A substitute for counseling, legal, financial, or medical services.
  • Giving you answers from my life experience, needing to “have your life figured out.”
  • Giving prescriptive, tactical advice to help solve your problems.
  • Trying to prevent you from encountering difficulties or challenges.

Coaching Programs

Consulting with Catie Chase
Catie Chase consulting


First Year of College Life Coaching & Skills

18 Sessions/ 25 hours (Virtual/9 Months)

– First Year College Transition Support
– Academic & Personal Targeted Goals
– Emerging Adult Life Skills

Catie Chase consulting firm


Neurodivergent Emerging Adult
Life Coach

12 Sessions/ 20 hours (Virtual/3 Months)

– Achieve Personal & Professional Goals
– Create a Future
– Internships & Career Mapping
– Clarity & Focus

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