Westlake Malibu Lifestyle: Guiding your Teen towards College

Maximizing the Choices for College Placement for Teens requires Strategic Planning with a sequence of Action Steps to create Opportunities for the best Admission Outcomes. – By Catie R. Chase M.A.

Partnering with your teen through connection and communication will pave the way for a clear and purposeful journey towards college entrance.


The applicant who stands out from the crowd is an authentic individual who has a purpose and is intentional with their college choices. They have a unique story that is evident in their accomplishments, their demonstrated leadership, motivation, performance, passions, talents, character and community involvement. The key components that speak about a student’s potential success in college generally come from their commitments and consistency in their high school career.


In the first two years of high school, students are building their “toolbox” – developing essential skills for adulthood. This includes building self-advocacy, confidence, boundaries, effective and healthy study habits, routines, and relationships while identifying their academic and personal pursuits as individuals. The course selection in high school is one of the most important stories told on a transcript, as students choose wisely to balance their academic strengths and stretches.
In junior year, active planning begins for college-bound students as college admission data is released to offer guidance for the next season. The new admissions information is critical as it helps to target strategic planning goals for the new applicant in reaching their next destination. Teens should focus on creating a strong foundation in high school, by identifying their place in the world and learning as active participants.

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