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Kind words from my beloved students.

Kind Words

My therapist recommended me to Catie as I had left law school and wanted to pursue a new path. Working with Catie gave me a new perspective that I had never considered before. She coached me in learning how to answer my very own questions. I learned how to articulate myself and express it in my graduate school applications for school counseling. Catie made me realize that law school was not a mistake but a piece of my journey that had meaning to where I am now. Her kind approach, thoughtful questions, and patience with my processing helped me gain new confidence to reach my career goals!”

– Taylor C., 24 years old, LD and processing speed

Her empathy and direction with clarity and calmness have been an anchor in my life. My support team directed me to Catie when I was ready to take on the world again. To return to school was a big deal. In my twenties, I was a woman diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression and facing sobriety. I am building my life dreams in my 30s with Catie’s genuine support and direction. She is my toolbox in approaching life as a neurodiverse woman pursuing medicine.”

– Adrianna R., 32 years old, ADHD, anxiety, depression, & addiction survivor

We needed guidance and action steps for our neurodivergent twins. Both on different paths in life, with different learning and social profiles, Catie provided thoughtful solutions when coaching them independently. She listens to what your son or daughter desires and needs and explains the pros and cons of what they wish to achieve but also helps them prepare for roadblocks ahead. Working with Catie is setting your daughter or son up for success. She was mindful and responsive to meet their needs, respect their learning profiles, yet had clear expectations about reaching their goals responsibly.”

– Sue M., Parent of Mara and Jeremy, 19-year-old twins, ADHD/anxiety & ADHD/Autism

“Our boys have been accepted to Windward School, and we are totally thrilled!!! Thank you so very much for encouraging us to take another look at what is best for our boys and their well-being as two individuals. We wouldn’t have re-applied for our oldest son had you not encouraged us through your experience and warm-hearted guidance. I am so incredibly thankful! You have probably changed his trajectory meaningfully, and I hope you feel wonderful about that!”

– Laura Richardson, Santa Monica Mom of Three

I’ve met the best in her field, and Catie supersedes all of them with her direct, kind, honest, and deeply intuitive approach to the family and individual. My sweet grandson was fortunate to have Catie’s consulting and coaching programs at 18 years old to support his “next chapter.”  He immediately opened up to her with his life, goals, and sensitive heart. Her mentorship and loving guidance in the right direction support his purpose. I give my highest recommendation for this beautiful woman. She sees people, all of us, as individuals with potential and purposes each step of the way.”

– Karen Worchell

Catie! I wanted to let you know that I committed to SMU! Thank you for all that you do and who you are for supporting me over the last two years. I could not have done this without you.”

– Athena Gianni, Class of 2024

Catie!!! I got into a couple of amazing colleges that I really liked (Northeastern, College of Charleston, Colorado Boulder) but ultimately decided to go to Santa Monica College. Because of you, I am focused on my dream. I am confident with my goal and plan to transfer to UCLA. Thank you so much for your help throughout this process.”

– Grace Hildebrand, Class of 2024

Thank you so much for helping Hayden get into her dream school. I’m 100% sure you prevented many, many, agreements! But we also appreciate all the time and care you took with Hayden! We are so lucky to have you! Thank you!”

– Melanie & Jon Meixner

Catie! Thank you so, so much for your help over the past few years. Your support and advice has been such a blessing in my life. I truly couldn’t have done this without you.”

– Hayden, Student

Catie: I just wanted to reach out to let you know that I’m committed to UCLA and will be walking on the football team. Thank you so much for all of your support, time, and care during my college admissions season.”

– Ivan Levant, Class of 2024
Student-Athlete, Football Quarterback

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